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Potential for Coal In India

NREBPL attempts to address the problem of environment and health hazard caused due to widespread burning of crop residue in Punjab and areas around National Capital Region (NCR) of India, by turning an Adversity into Opportunity. Neway’s patented technology enables Zero Residue conversion of biomass into useful  coal with high calorific value. Under the project about 15 mt (million tonnes) of paddy straw will be converted to biomass coal, thereby generating about 10.5 mt of useful alternative to natural coal. Considering that more than 200 mt of coal is imported each year into India, the total demand side potential envisaged is about 3000 plants, at a cost of about $4 million per plant, totalling investment of $12 billion.  On the supply side, more than 450 mt of biomass is generated each year in India, providing a sustained and abundant source of raw material.

The energy requirement in India is expected to grow at a pace more than the global average rate of growth, i.e., about 94% over the current level of 884 mtoe by 2040 as compared to 2016. Thermal energy, dependent on coal remains the single most provider of electricity in India, accounting for about 57% of the installed capacity.  Improving the PLF (Plant Load Factor) in existing thermal power plants is a more viable option as compared to increasing installed capacity, including renewables.

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