Biomass based bio-coal projects, in addition to being environment friendly, offer good rate of return on investment.  NREBPL has demonstrated capabilities in production of alternative to coal using biomass residues.  To further popularize reliance on biomass based energy resources, NREPL offers a wide range of offerings including.


NREBPL undertakes world-wide consultancy services establishment of biomass based Torrefaction plants for production of bio-coal.  The services offered include feasibility studies, preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) including detailed technical and financial estimates, engineering, technology licensing, installation and commissioning, training, production / operation support and marketing.


If you are an investor interested in biomass based bio-coal projects, NREBPL offers turnkey solutions enabling establishment, delivery and commissioning of torrefied bio-coal pellets plants using patented technology within strict timelines. Revenue sharing models involving operation, maintenance and marketing by NPREL can also be considered.

Feasibility Studies

For investors, government departments, national / international development agencies, agencies involved in environment / waste management /renewable energy sectors, etc., NREBPL undertakes quick as well as detailed feasibility studies involving evaluation of prospects for implementation of biomass to bio-coal projects, testing of biomass for suitability, investment requirements, linkage assessment and development, financial models, etc.